Friday, November 14, 2008

My first messenger

So instead of using the coffee table as my sewing table I'm using our old tv stand since we got a new one to use as a sewing table which is convinient because it's kind of like a desk and I won't have a n distractions from the T.V which was a huge problem of mine. I put it in my bedroom right in front of the window to give me inspiration.

I also finished the messenger bag I was making for my friend, this is the first messenger bag that I have ever made and I think it's pretty good. She said she wanted a messenger bag, she didn't care what color or design so I thought of how I was going to make it, drew it, and used the mental pattern I made up in my head and made it. :) Heres a picture of it below by the angle the picture was taken you probably cant tell that thats my signature houndstooth bird on the front of it.