Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm so angry

I am so upset right now, I just found out that the drunk driver who hit me and my friends in 2004 is not getting charged for any of my injuries.
When the car hit us I had a small cist that twisted and got as big as a 6 month pregnancy and I had to get it taken out along with one of my ovaries. The doctor even said that it was because of the accident that happened. But the court said that that couldn't be proven. I know it doesn't sound like much because I still have my other ovary but I have major problems because of this.This missing ovary is the cause if many hormonal and chemical imbalances (scientifically proven) like:
1. Migraines (headaches that are so bad you feel like shooting yourself in the head because of the pain, and vomiting) Every single month when my period rolls around.
2. Horrible cramps
3.Really really bad depression.
4.So much harder to conceive.
I didn't have all of this before the accident It's unfair he should pay for something, it's like the court is ignoring what he did to me.


Black Rose said...

So sad and sorry to hear this! Also hope your mum is doing ok (re your last post)

Addielou said...

Thank you, shes doing great now. :)