Tuesday, December 16, 2008

woo woo

I am so done with depressing posts. :)

I'm making a new couple of new bag styles the Journey bag and the Voyage, I'm so excited about it. These new bags have an adjustable strap, key clip, zipper closure and 5 pouch pockets on the inside.

So now I'm going to start selling these bags exclusively so theres a huge clearance sale in my shop http://www.addielou.etsy.com/.

For some reason now I have this obssesion with chicken MCnuggets from mcdonalds. I find myself craving them a lot now,lol. I guess they're making them really good lately.

Anyway, I got a small part time job helping one of my friends clean her house, she had a stroke so she's paralyzed in her right arm so it's hard for her to do a lot of things. So thats where I come in, it's a whole lot of work because it hasnt been deep cleaned in a while but after a few days I'll get it like new again. It's perfect because it makes her happy to have a clean house and company while her husband is at work and it's only one day a week so I can continue my etsying :).

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